Couple Therapy for Same Sex Couples

EFT, Emotionally Focused Therapy for same sex couples works much the same as EFT for heterosexual couples. I join with you in tracking a cycle of disconnection, creating safety for bonding moments and sharing underlying feelings and needs. Same sex partners need to know that they are number one and that their partner has their back. Most fights center around moments of disconnection and feeling alone.  Same sex couples are generally better at sharing of household chores and responsibilities and tend to have more similar conflict resolution styles. One of the stresses of same sex couples can be family of origin disapproval of the relationship or being cut off from extended family members. Discrimination is also a major stress that can make same sex couple feel more vulnerable and that’s why it’s even more important that the partner bond provides the safe haven in life.

On the ICEEFT website Dr. Sue Johnson has DVDs that you can purchase and see how she and EFT therapists work with same sex couples.