For Marital Help Emotionally Focused Therapy, EFT for couples, go to  for referrals to EFT trained therapists in the New York area, go to for more information on Dr Susan Johnson and referrals outside of New York. Ackerman Institute For the Family, provides couple and family therapy, referrals to therapists, and trainings on family therapy call 212-879-4900 x122 for referrals.

John Gottman, Ph.D. has done extensive research on couples, visit

For Help with Eldercare and Caregiving

Eldercare Locator, free referrals for any eldercare needs

National Alliance for Caregiving

AAHCP American Academy of Home Care Physicians, free referrals to eldercare doctors

National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, free referrals to elder law attorneys

For Child Care in New York City

Childcare Inc, a nonprofit organization that provides free referrals to licensed childcare/daycare/after school services and camps call 212-929-4999

For Financial Help

National Foundation for Credit Counseling, a nonprofit, nationwide service dedicated to helping clients become debt free and learn to manage money better.  Offers in-person counseling, free classes, educational materials and works with most clients for 3.5 years.  Recommended by Suze Orman, NFCC is dedicated to their clients first, not just to the credit card companies. Charge 0-$20 a month, pays off your debt at lower interest rates. Visit or call 800-388-2227

For Help with Learning Disabilities

Learning Disabilities Association, a nonprofit that provides free referrals for children and adults in need of evaluations and services in New York, call 212-645-6730

Dr. Mel Levine, All Kinds of Minds

For Legal Help

Lawyer Referral Service, free referrals to attorneys call 212-626-7373 for referrals to an attorney in New York, this service only refers to attorneys who are in good standing and do not have any complaints against their license, they also provide a Monday night legal advice service where you can meet with an attorney for a half and hour for free, call to make an appointment

For Mental Health Referrals in New York State

Lifenet, free referrals for any mental health need, call 24 hrs a day 800-543-3638

Other Link

Website to find out about your top character strengths scroll down to VIA Signature Strengths, click on that, create a user name and password and take the questionnaire