Hold Me Tight workshop for Couples in Brooklyn

Hold Me Tight® Workshop for Couples in Brooklyn!

48 Monroe Place
Corner of Pierrepont St and Monroe Place
Brooklyn Heights, NY 11201

Friday, March 2nd, 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM & Saturday March 3rd, 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM

To Register:  The fee for one couple is $600.  Mail a check to Carolyn McIntyre, 26 Court St suite 1004, Brooklyn, NY 11242, provide both partners names and contact information.  Checks must be received one week prior to the workshop to hold your place.  Refunds of fee minus a $50 administrative fee will be honored up to one week before workshop.  No refunds within one week of workshop date.  Call me at 917-757-6542 to let me know you are registering.


“I have taken the Hold Me Tight® workshop myself along with my husband, assisted with one and led two HMT workshops for couples.  The workshop is a wonderful way for couples to explore how to have deeper, closer, more solid relationships. There is plenty of humor and compassionate support.”

Facilitator: Carolyn McIntyre, LCSW-R, has been providing therapy for individuals and couples for over 25 years.  Carolyn took the first EFT couple training, the Extern, in 2011 and became the second Certified Emotionally Focused couple therapist in Brooklyn in 2015.  Carolyn has also taken trainings with Drs. John and Julie Gottman. 

Assistant Facilitator:  Ethan McCooper, LMSW, is a psychotherapist focused on work with couples as well as adults and adolescents in Park Slope and Brooklyn Heights.  Ethan’s couple therapy continues to meet clients where they are using his ability to create a safe and understanding environment for deep and heartfelt work.  Ethan has Masters of Social Work from New York University and took the EFT Extern in 2014 with Dr. Sue Johnson and George Faller, LMFT.


From September 2017 workshop:

“I love the new understandings that emerged about myself and my partner.  The therapeutic assistance was always available but never thrust upon us.  I can’t wait for my partner and I to do this workshop again in 5 years, 10 or 20!”- I.R.C.

“I am currently in a loving, attached, safe, and trusting lesbian relationship.  My partner and I talk about all aspects of our relationship.   This EFT workshop helped me learn new things about my partner, helped me develop strategies for making our relationship even stronger and, more importantly, helped us process the few bumps we have experienced.”-  S.R.C.

“The workshop was incredibly eye opening and I am sure it will greatly strengthen our marriage.  I highly recommend it to any couple.”- A.B.

From December 2017 workshop

“It was a wonderful moment that provided us a safe space to explore our inner needs and our differences, and how to embrace each other.” W.C.

“I have gone through other workshops and this was the most intense and difficult one but we as a couple had many “aha” moments and discovered new ways of understanding each other’s pain, attempts for connection, and how we disconnect.  We made it through the workshop and I think we can build continuously beyond the workshop.”

“I look forward to hopefully participating in this program again.  It was instrumental in bringing us emotionally closer together.”