Most of us look forward to a smooth transition to retirement with leisure activity but when we actually make that transition, we can find that the change is harder than we expected. A study of life transitions found that 41% reported that retirement was a difficult transition, more than those who reported that marriage or having a first child was a difficult adjustment (The New Retire-mentality by Mitch Anthony). There is lots of advice on how much to save and ways to handle our money but the biggest adjustments are often with how to spend our time, getting used to a new role, and renegotiating relationships with family, friends, and the community. Consider my Retirement Seminar for your company or organization.

Here are helpful books on retirement:

  • Your Retirement, Your Way by Alan Bernstein, LCSW and John Trauth MBA
  • The New Retire-mentality by Mitch Anthony
  • The Complete Retirement Survival Book by Peter Strauss, Esq.
  • Beyond The Grave by Gerald M. Condon, Esq., and Jeffrey L. Condon, Esq.