Our educational system assumes that all people learn in the same way, at the same speed, and can learn a wide range of subjects. My personal and professional experience has shown me that the system does not work for all kids. Some kids do very well in writing but poorly in math, some will never learn to spell or have good handwriting but are creative. Some of us are visual learners, others are auditory learners. I help parents with kids who have learning challenges, learning disabilities, ADD, and ADHD to see that if their kid struggles, it is not necessarily the child’s or the parent’s fault. The parent’s job is to find the right people and environments that will develop their child’s strengths, talents, and interests. In this day and age of tremendous job options and alternative work arrangements parents should know there are many ways to be successful in life.

Our family Story about Education

When our older daughter, Eve, was in a competitive grade school she had difficulty with spelling, writing, and anything that involved memorizing. She was slow to learn to read and do her math. It would take her a long time to do her homework. She would not maintain focus and was disorganized. Eve experienced success at The Churchill School and Center and became very motivated. Eve is now at the University of Southern California on a full merit scholarship and is flourshing doing what she does best art, graphic design, and website graphics.

Eve says, “The important thing to focus on is making sure the child is not too discouraged by a competitive school system…and give up later in life. Later on in life a person can do what they are strong in.”

Dr. Mel Levine is a speaker and author on learning disabilities and has started programs to help families; check out his services at www.allkindsofminds.org.  I also recommend books by Ed Hallowell, MD such as Driven to Distraction.

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