The current research shows that today’s graduates will change jobs and careers several times. Having college and graduate degrees can help you land a great job, but the degrees are not what helps you excel at work. The educational focus on getting the right answer on tests is not what you need in the business world. Once you leave academia it becomes much more important to use creativity, time management, and strong communication skills. My coaching can help you with the life skills needed to succeed after school such as setting goals, visualizing, confronting your own self doubt, managing feelings, communicating effectively and taking risks.

The best book I have read on ways to help employees to thrive and what to look for in a good manager is called First, Break All The Rules by Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman. It’s not what the title implies. It is not about being a rebel or undermining anyone. It is solid advice based on two 25 year studies done by the Gallup Organization of a wide spectrum of managers. Here is a partial list of their findings: build on people’s strenghts don’t try to fix their weaknesses. If an employee is not doing well, help them find the fit that allows them to be more of who they already are. Treat people differently and reward based on what is meaningful to that person. If you fire someone do it quickly and in a way that allows for learning. Don’t assume everyone wants to move up the ladder and celebrate anyone who does well no matter what position they are in.

Additional books I recommend: Succeeding Sane by Bonnie St. John, Use What You’ve Got by Barbara Corcoran, Hardball for Women by Pat Heim, Winning at Work by Mel Sandler and Muriel Gray.